Saturday, 18 January 2014

Trend predictions for 2014

Brass pendants warm up this grey-and-white
kitchen, and mix well with the stainless steel
2014 is here and it's covered in gold, at least as far as design goes. Brass and gold are definitely hot-hot-hot. They are used in faucets, lighting and accessories, and are often mixed with other metals.

At the upcoming IDS show in Toronto next week, I expect to see lots of warm, golden metals, along with... 

... abundant shades of rich and deep blues, especially navy blue, and...
Kitchen from Kelly Deck Design.

Blue-and-white dishware, like this from Crate&Barrel,
is making a comeback.

Jonathan Adler Ipanema Multi-bloom pendant.

... many interesting displays of big, sculptural light fixtures, plus...

... numerous geometric patterns.
Pillow from West Elm.


Check out my trend report after the show to see if I'm right!

At the same time, across the pond, trend watchers in Scandinavia anticipate these four design streams for the next two years:

Marble and brass are big in the "Pure classics" style.
1) “Pure classics” - an elegant and sophisticated style mixing old and new, and pastel colours with grey. Great for older homes with architectural interest, it’s a trend that highlights “modern luxury”, marble, gold, brass and crystal.

2) “Secret garden” combines “rustic retro” and "modern romantic". Second-hand finds and lots of green plants are important ingredients of this trend, that also highlights bright colours and botanical prints.

3) "Natural elements", features rustic, natural materials like stone, wood, glass and leather, and also includes washed linen, and furniture with patina.

4) The fourth style, "Aqua marine" is all about water. It favours stripes and white and grey-washed furniture. Blue, combined with white is predicted to be "next summer's strongest combination" within this trend.
Colour palette for the "Aqua marine" style.

Here at home, northern Ontarians have certainly embraced the grey trend. So many walls in the homes I visit are grey, as opposed to the taupey-browns that used to be so popular. 

Target's Beaver Collection.
In our local stores, I’m happy to see more natural fibres and materials. I’m thinking of the increased selection of wool rugs at Home Depot, and many wicker and wooden pieces in Target’s Beaver collection. 

Home Depot sells Lanart's wool rugs.
 Homeowners are asking for calm, neutral and uncluttered rooms, but are also desperately craving colour, which is introduced through accent walls and accessories. 

On its way out?
While leather is still a popular choice, more people now want less slippery, and warmer, upholstered pieces, and many are looking for a less bulky appearance.

This being said, here's my ultimate prediction, and not-so-secret wish, for 2014: it will be the year when chocolate brown leather couches finally fall from the top position in living rooms across northern Ontario. 

What do you think? Will I be right?


  1. My goodness, those Crate & Barrel plates are beautiful. I would be happy to follow any trend that includes those plates! I would like to second that call for the fall of the leather couches. Whatever the reason, there are so many other options out there.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Kim. Yes, aren't those plates gorgeous and fun? Regarding the brown leather couches, I think it's time for northern Ontarians to look at alternatives. There is plenty to choose from!


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