Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Kitchen backsplash: bold or bland?

This patterned backsplash at Kitchen Gallery becomes
very "livable" thanks to the otherwise monochromatic
colour scheme, and streamlined cabinetry.
Should a kitchen backsplash make a statement, or is it better to play it safe? At Kitchen Gallery in North Bay, the trend is definitely in favour of statement backsplashes. "We are seeing more pattern and boldness", says Kristin Lowe, the Kitchen Gallery's owner and designer. She credits that fact to the vast selection of materials that's available now.

The offer in Kristin's store includes lots of natural stone such as marble, travertine and slate; blends of materials like glass/marble; and backsplashes featuring metals and other reflective materials.

Whether to go bold or not on the backsplash depends largely on the style of the surrounding cabinetry and the overall colour scheme in the room, explains Kristin. "It's a way to inject pattern and texture in a monochromatic space. What makes it successful is the natural beauty of the stone."

White kitchen by Kitchen Gallery's Aimée Cazabon.
For those homeowners who still want to play it safe, a white subway tile and long, narrow, all-stone tiles are good alternatives. They are also best-sellers in Kristin's Fisher Street store.

What's your backsplash preference, bold or bland?





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  1. I am renting a house right now... when I was taking my first walk through to check the space out, the first thing I noticed in the kitchen was the back splash. Usually rental houses don't have much style, but the back splash here is super fun, and adds such class to the room. It's pressed metal that looks like tiles, but is in large sheets, so it's super easy to clean. My vote is for exciting back splashes! Easy way to add serious style!


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