Sunday, 22 December 2013

Practical holiday entertaining

Only a couple of days to Christmas! Some of us will host large groups during the holidays, and that puts extra demands on the logistics of our homes.

Here are five easy ways to create practical flow and stylish organization when entertaining this Christmas:

1) Place an inexpensive shelving unit at the front door, where guests can put their snowy boots. It looks so much better than a jumble of footwear around the door.

2) In the living room, replace a big coffee table with multiple smaller tables that can be easily moved.

3) Use trays to organize your kitchen counters. Glasses on one tray, different kinds of beverages on another.

4) Convert a dresser or side table in the living room into a beverage refill station. It will reduce the traffic to the kitchen.

5) Remove small area rugs and runners. They can be tripping hazards when many people are moving around in the house.

Have a wonderful Christmas! Happy entertaining, and enjoy the fact that from now on the days are getting longer!

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