Sunday, 1 December 2013

Dreaming of a white Christmas

Tulips in December? That's an early start, but I'll
take it, thanks to the Metro store in North Bay
and my thoughtful husband. Whether we'll have
a white Christmas or not, I know my home will
be partly dressed in white for the holidays.
Winter is off to a flying start! At the rate we're going, there's a good chance we'll have a white Christmas.

Will that be true also for the interiors of our homes? Not so sure; the traditional red and green, gold, silver, and to some extent icy blue, continue to be the go-to colours this time of the year. 

I have always liked the idea of a white Christmas. I know, it's not warm and cozy, and it doesn't fit all interiors. But paired with the greenery of the tree, pine cones and wood, it feels so airy, fluffy and light - just like snow. And: it's hard to get tired of!

The colour injection can come from other things, such as food, beverages, porcelain and napkins.

Be inspired by these white Christmas interiors from the company Bemz:


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