Sunday, 3 November 2013

Looking at art from the start

"And what should go on this wall?" The question comes up all the time during my consultations. A space just doesn't feel complete if there is a blank wall.

I like to look at artwork early on in a decorating project, because it can give important clues as to what colours to use, and what style of furniture to buy. If you leave art to the last, when the upholstered pieces, rugs, window treatment and so on are already in, it can be difficult to find "that right piece" for the room.

And here's another important aspect: you should love what you put on your walls, especially if it's a focal wall. After all, you're going to look at it every day for many years. 

With this in mind, I suggest visiting our local art galleries for unique pieces that will give your home a personal, original flavour.

For an affordable piece of original artwork, one idea is to select one of your favourite photos - or take a photograph specifically for the space you have in mind - and have it enlarged and printed on a canvas.

For more tips on inexpensive art, check out my previous blog posts Getting the hang of art and A flexible approach to art.
Here's a perfect example of decorating around art, and the importance
of art. This room by Sarah Richardson gets its punch through the artwork,
which is reinforced by the matching ottoman. Photo: Sarah Richardson

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