Sunday, 10 November 2013

Break the chair monopoly

Photo: Architectural Digest.
Are you happy with your dining room furniture? I find that many homeowners aren't, and that the problem often is the setup. There are simply too many chairs around the table, and they all look the same. The result can feel static and sometimes boring.

If this is your situation, and if you have a rectangular table, then try this: rather than changing all the chairs, switch out only the end chairs. It will instantly bring new life into your dining room. 

For example, you can mix up your row of upholstered chairs with a more sculptural, airy style like in the photo on the left. Or you can have slipcovers made for your existing end chairs, and introduce some variety that way.

Photo: House Beautiful

Another popular solution is to mix benches and banquettes with the chairs, for a flexible and relaxed vibe. I'm pretty sure our dining rooms would be used a lot more if we lost a bit of their formality. What do you think?

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