Thursday, 10 January 2013

Say hello to Lemon Sorbet!

Lemon sorbet is Benjamin Moore's colour of the year 2013.
Yellow is a strong directional hue this year, according to
"When you're over it, just paint over it!" For Benjamin Moore designer Leigh-Ann Allaire-Perrault, trying new paint colours at home is as natural as having breakfast every morning.

At a seminar organized by Trout Lake Paint/Stewart's Decorating last November, she presented her company's "most inspiring colours for 2013" and encouraged us to experiment. "Paint is one of the easiest and cheapest tools you have in your toolkit", commented Leigh-Ann as she shared the latest from her world of design, and I agree.

Here are ten highlights from her talk:
1) Paint can update anything. And you can paint anything.
2) There is only one rule in design: If you love it and it looks right for you, then it's right!
3) Curate your home with objects that speak to you. (More about curating in another blog post).
4) We'll see more softer, lighter pastels in 2013.
5) Match ceilings to floors and you will achieve balance and harmony in your home. Leigh-Ann calls this "the mirrored balance" (see photo below). In general, the ceiling is the perfect place to add accent colour, according to Leigh-Ann.
6) Colours define a decade. Last decade was "greige" (greyish beige hues).
7) Take inspiration when possible, but don't be a copy cat.
8) Introduce pops of colours in unexpected places, such as the front hall closet.
9) Use cut-out stencils to paint a patterned backsplash.
10) When in doubt, try a new colour in a throw cushion.

Plenty of tips in one compact and inspiring seminar! And lots of material for future blog posts - stay tuned.

Did I come home with anything else from the seminar? Yes, a door prize (including a fancy cap) and an intense urge to try out "dusty mauve" at home. After all, I can always paint over it when I'm over it.

Benjamin Moore's Artisan collection includes "earthy tones and
rich, saturated colours". This is an example of the "mirrored
balance" that Leigh-Ann talked about.

The Urbanite collection includes "chic, crisp hues and unexpected
contrasts that convey a cool, cosmopolitan vibe".

The New Traditional hues offer "a fresh interpretation of classic
elegance, showcasing bold colours and patterns to create a warm,
inviting retreat". Here you see the "dusty mauve".

Costal is a "refreshing, nature-inspired palette, infused with a
contemporary sensibility that transcends the unexpected". The
colour of the year, Lemon sorbet, is part of this collection.

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  1. Catharina, Your post on painting is so timely! I have finally decided to paint my apartment. I am looking for a paint that has low VOC, in a colour that will be easy to "paint over it when I'm over it" (when I move out), AND adds a great burst of energy to my home. I've heard that different colours can be energizing, or calming, for different spaces. It feels like such a big decision, but I just need to jump in and paint!


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