Thursday, 24 January 2013

Add some radiance

Yikes! Canada is in a cold spell and North Bay is no exception. Let's turn up the heat a bit with photos of inspiring, warm fireplaces. At the bottom of the post you'll find two fun, red-enameled stoves that I came across during a visit to the Home Hardware store on Algonquin Avenue some weeks ago.

Stay warm!

With kitchens being "the new living rooms",
a fireplace in this room makes complete sense.


Who doesn't like dinner next to the fireplace? 
It enhances the social atmosphere you want to
create and provides a focal point. Contemporary
Dining Room design by Denver Architect D&D
Interiors. Photo from Houzz.
It is popular to place the TV above the fireplace, but it's not always
ideal. Why? It often means that the TV is located too high considering
the ideal viewing height. It also detracts from the fireplace. If the
fireplace is low, like in this photo, it is less of a problem, but it's still
worthwhile spending some time thinking of alternative locations for your
TV. Contemporary Living Room design. Photo from Houzz.
In this photo the fireplace becomes part of the "artwork" of
the view outside.  Modern Family Room design by Los Angeles
Architect Griffin Enright Architects. Photo from Houzz.

A contemporary, wall-mounted fireplace. Design
by Boston Architect Siemasko + Verbridge.
Photo from Houzz.
 Red stoves from Home Hardware on Algonquin:

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