Thursday, 8 November 2012

Design that makes you smile

Humour and joy. That’s what my friend, Swedish designer and illustrator Lotta Glave wants to express with her creations. “I love it when people say that my designs make them happy!", says Lotta.

Her playful patterns, decorative every-day objects and illustrations have adorned homes since 1990.  That's when she and her designer husband Bengt Lindberg launched their company “Bengt & Lotta”. Their designs are now represented at museums and sold worldwide (also here in North Bay, see my previous blog!).
Animals, angels and people are the stars of Lotta’s designs. You find them on candleholders, tea towels, cutting boards, clothes hangers, blankets and more.

The inspiration comes from everything that surrounds her; her three children, travels and nature. There are also some creative genes at play. “My grandmother was an illustrator and a huge inspiration when I was a child. It’s probably thanks to her that I became a designer.”

Lotta's expressive and naïve creations add a touch of fun to a space, and more often than not a splash of colour. “A home with dots of colour becomes more personal", she comments. "I don't feel relaxed in too strict, impersonal homes where the eye doesn't have anything fun to rest on. I want to see that there are real people living in a home."

With Lotta's designs, bringing something fun into your space has never been easier. Just see for yourselves:


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  1. Designs can be very useful for our life to be happy and every design reflects different things which can give happy and sad feelings.


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