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Artful displays

Toronto Star, Wednesday, April 24
2010 by Pete Smith.
Enter the 1930's period house on First Avenue in North Bay, and you are surrounded by deep grey walls. "They are the perfect backdrop for contemporary art", explains Joan Ferneyhough, the owner of the gallery that bears her name. "Dark walls give contrast to art, but they do require very good lighting".

She should know. Since 1996, she has highlighted fine contemporary art from a select group of Canadian artists, many with roots in northern Ontario. Their work includes paintings, drawings, photography and sculpture.

What should people think about when they buy original art? For Joan the answer is simple: "You really have to love the piece!", she says. "You should also know why you are buying. Are you collecting, or are you decorating? In either case, you have to consider the space where the piece is going."

Lori Grace-Johnson's installations are presently
on display at the gallery.
Joan firmly believes that contemporary art has a home in more traditional interiors. "You can put anything anywhere if it's done right. Art can be the bridge that pulls the two styles together. The framing or the matting can be changed to make a piece fit in."

But when it comes to buying art for somebody else, she is more hesitant. "I recommend gift certificates! Art is such a personal thing."

Whether you are buying for yourself or somebody else, the gallery's consultations, art "loans" and rentals should make the decision easier.

Linklichen,  Ed. 15 by Arnold Zageris.
Check out this selection of art by artists represented at the gallery.

And here are Joan's tips for displaying art:

1) Good overhead lighting is critical. Pot lights give a lot of flexibility.
2) Choose the right kind of glass to prevent deterioration of the piece of art.
3) Don't put fragile work on paper in the bathroom or other space with high humidity.
4) For wall sculptures: make sure the walls are strong enough to hold the piece.
5) Rule of thumb: The centre of the painting should be 54" - 58" from the floor.

Farmhouse, Route 12, New York by David Lewis.

Moon rising, sun setting by Judy Gouin.

Northland Water Garden by Michael Dobson.

PIXIE'S WORLD: SugarFree Violin by Marlene Hilton Moore.
Tree Column by Robert Game.

Looking West by Regina Williams.

Kipawa Profile by Susan Farquhar.

Outlook by Ted Fullerton

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