Friday, 21 September 2012

Mainly Art on Main

Orange is such a vibrant and warm colour. 
This wall sculpture by Carole Davidson has 
extra sparkle thanks to the shiny metal.

Looking for unique pieces of art for yourself or a friend? A visit to North Bay's Art on Main is sure to solve that problem. The downtown artists' collective showcases a great mix of locally-made sculptures, paintings, jewellery, pottery and more. Look for pieces that "speak to you", in shape, colour or texture; they are sure to be conversation starters also at home!

Check out the following pieces that caught my eye recently:
Carole Davidson turns thin sheets of copper, brass,
aluminum and silver into beautiful works of art.
       Tracey Timpano's Klimt-inspired painting
       stands out...

         ...and so does this humorous painting
         by Barry Burniston, in more than one way!

     Kathleen Atkinson Hindle shows a fresh take 
     on wrought iron. Imagine the interesting shadows
     from this tree-branch sculpture when the candles 
     are lit!

             Kathleen also makes funky jewellery. 

   Quirky? Yes! Fun? Absolutely!
                  The occasional table by Kathleen
                  Atkinson Hindle is made from an
                  old, rusty car brake rotor filled with 
                  concrete. On top of the table: a cute 
                  tree sculpture. Birds included!

Terryl Ryan is the artist behind this cute basket. 
Ideal for your fall apples! 

 And how about this basket, also by Terryl Ryan,
    for all your design magazines?

                Nice colour combination in this
                rug by Terryl Ryan.

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  1. Carole Davdison3 Oct 2012, 16:12:00

    You cannot imagine my surprise when I saw your blog. Thank You for the
    Beautiful work. Featuring local artists and artisans lends an
    authenticity to the northern design ethic which you are so forward
    thinking to foster.

    Once again,Thank You


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