Monday, 14 May 2012

Couch upholstery: breaking the rules

"Go with a neutral couch and leave the colour to the accents!" The old design mantra completely makes sense; a couch is an investment and you want to enjoy it for years. But what if we challenge the rules and have some fun imagining a certain sofa in a patterned, colourful upholstery? It could actually be that statement piece that makes a whole room! Just have a look at these examples, as seen at Home Furniture in North Bay.

Start with a streamlined couch with simple lines.
A love seat is the ideal size for an attention-grabbing 
upholstery. The statement shouldn't be too big, just 
big enough. Keep the rest of the d├ęcor toned down.
Big, white hydrangeas on a soft yellow background 
will give the room a quiet punch. It's contemporary 
and sophisticated at the same time. 
A graphic trellis pattern is a bolder choice.
Match with sculptural side tables.
A subtler option that works in both a traditional
and a more modern setting. How about light blue
or cream walls with this upholstery? 
This lush, dark purple upholstery lends itself to an 
intimate setting. Enhance the feeling with purple 
and pink accent pillows in velvet.
An eclectic art collection, all framed in black, above 
a love seat with this upholstery would look stunning. 
Add a round, bright yellow side table for a fun, ultra 
modern vibe.
This soft and elegant upholstery can read both 
as traditional and contemporary. 
Another graphic option with lots of contrast.

Finally, here's a great, neutral couch from Home Furniture
if you want to play it safe. Do you?


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