Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Colour me healthy

As soon as I entered Dr. André Hasspieler's Family Practice in North Bay my lingering cough and sore throat were no longer on top of my mind. How could they be, in this vibrant environment? Everything, from the glass pendant and modern swivel chairs in the reception, to the brightly painted wall sections, supports feelings of life and happiness. No wonder many patients comment that they feel less sick when visiting the Practice!

Most of all, though, it's the big, colourful paintings that contribute to the welcoming and personal atmosphere. The artist behind the brave brush strokes is Linda Wilson of Art Moves Me. Linda is also the interior designer of the Practice. Her imaginative paintings are scattered throughout the rooms, giving patients something interesting to look at in every direction. In this space, being sick becomes a little more bearable. Look for yourselves!

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  1. And if you like this style, come visit us at our Walk In Clinic right across the hallway (705) 495-0300 -- www.walkinclinicnorth bay.com.


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