Sunday, 2 October 2011

More bright lighting ideas

Did you know this about lighting?
  • Lighting is the ultimate space enlarger. A narrow hallway or small nook will feel more spacious and inviting with the right lighting.
  • If a room is poorly lit, it will never look as good as it will under proper lighting, no matter how beautiful your materials and colours are.
  • Strive for three points of light in every room, and actually turn them on. Dimmers help you regulate the intensity of each light, and and are a great tool to achieve a balance between the different light sources.
Below are some good-looking fixtures that I’ve come across in North Bay: 

The mix of clear and frosted glass
makes this cone-shaped pendant
a stylish choice for your kitchen
island. Hang it in groups of three
for more impact. Discount Cash 
and Carry, North Bay.
This is a modern take on the classic chandelier.
Chandeliers have become increasingly popular
and are no longer reserved for the traditional 
Round ceiling fixture with lots of pizazz. 
Howe's Lighting and Fan Co.

Retro-style ceiling fixture. Dicount Cash and Carry.

Clean and simple lines on this ceiling fixture with
frosted glass. Howe's Lighting and Fan Co.
Lots of bling and a gorgeous light is reflected off
this show stopper from Discount Cash and Carry.

If you're looking for affordable, stylish table fixtures,
the ones below from Walmart are worth having
a look at. They are all below $20:

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