Thursday, 14 July 2011

Old is new at Manchester's Sleep Centre

It's not just the Fischer Street location that is new for Manchester's Sleep Centre & Spas. The store is also introducing a number of new, interesting products. The John Michael Originals, for example, is a line of hand-crafted furniture made from salvaged wood. Each piece is unique and uses mantels, flooring, porch posts and other details from 150-year-old homes in southern United States. The elaborate, salvaged components give the pieces personality, history and style. Precisely what we yearn for! I like how this rustic furniture line lends itself both to traditional country-style homes and to more modern cottage environments.
Take a look at the pieces here below, along with some of Manchester's Sleep Centre & Spas' fancy accessories.

This is a nice mix of old and new; the kitchen island 
is made from salvaged pieces and combines very 
well with the modern line of the bar stools. Island,
on sale for $2295, stools $299.
Detail from the kitchen island.
White cabinet, on sale
for $1599.
Details like these (above and below) add charm
and interest to a functional piece of furniture, 
such as the white cabinet above. Decorative tin 
(below) covers the back of the cabinet.

This cabinet provides tons of 
storage and plenty of country 
flair. On sale for $769.
Harvest table, bench and chairs, all on sale for
$2395, $649 and $199 respectively.
This gorgeous pillow is made from soft jute.
Can't get enough of royalty? Try these fun pillows
for a touch of glamour.

Some rooms call for calm patterns, such as this
botanical motif...
... other rooms need drama and contrast, and will
look vibrant with a pillow like this.
"Leila" is a new bed set for 2011 at Manchester's 
Sleep Centre & Spa and looks pretty in purple!
Want to show off something 
really beautiful in your home?
Give it extra exposure with a 
mirror! $400.

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