Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Kitchen design: what's cooking?

Pizo Industries, Powassan.
Thinking of redoing your kitchen? Summer is actually the perfect time for it, with barbecuing and outdoor dining being so easy and desirable. What style are you going for? If you still haven't made up your mind, you'll be interested in hearing from two of our local kitchen suppliers. This is what they have to say about "what's cooking":

Geoff Miller, Pizo Industries, Powassan: 
1. People are asking for clean lines and flat cabinetry panels these days. 
2. Wide-grain wood patterns are in demand. People tend to choose them for the warm feel they give to a contemporary kitchen. Walnut, South American and Asian wood species are especially popular. 
3. We see a lot of high-gloss finishes.

Kitchen Gallery, North Bay.

Kristin Lowe, Kitchen Gallery, North Bay:
1. As far as cabinetry goes, wood has taken a back seat to lacquer. The lightness and velvety texture of lacquer are a desirable look right now. The lacquer can be custom coloured to match any colour.  

2. For countertops, engineered stone is increasingly popular. Granite Transformations Engineered Stone is incredibly durable and resistant, and it's sealed permanently.  
3. There is a focus on quality. People today live in a more open concept with large open kitchens and islands. Therefore, if the kitchen has fewer cabinets, every other cabinet has to be that much better!  

Make sure to look for more kitchen design tips and trends in future postings! 

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