Monday, 22 June 2015

Happy summer colour combos

Mother Nature has an amazing way of "getting things right". Just look at all the fantastic colour combinations that surround us this time of the year; what a great palette to draw inspiration from!

Check out these tried and true colour combos and how they look in some interiors:

A field of purple, pink and blue lupins, with some
white thrown in here and there to calm down the
intense colours. 
Interior by Jamie Drake.

The ultimate happy summer combo: orange and yellow.
I fell in love with this colour mix when I saw it applied
to two rugs in an old home filled with character and
white-painted floors. One small rag rug was yellow, the
other, of the same size, was orange. Such an effective
and cheery colour statement!

Interior by Amy Lau Design.
Here, the yellow and orange are
combined with navy blue.
Photo: Houzz.

For those of us who love all things simple and crisp,
nothing beats yellow and white!

Interior by Jan Skacelik. Photo: Houzz.

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