Friday, 25 July 2014

Why attractive homes are like zesty gazpacho

What does a good-looking interior have in common with delicious food? I say: A lot! I was thinking about that while preparing a zesty gazpacho - a cold tomato soup - for a recent summer party.

Just look at this:

A room benefits from having a certain theme or a "mood". In gazpacho, that theme is "fresh veggies", with ripe, juicy tomatoes being the shining star.

Texture and contrast. Photo: Houzz.
Equal amounts of green pepper and cucumber add contrast to the red, and create a repetition of subtle flavours.

A slice of bread mixed into the soup provides texture, while olive oil and water make all the ingredients harmoniously blend together.

To give it all some zing, garlic, salt and vinegar are added to the mixture. The secret to an amazing gazpacho actually lies in the balance between those three ingredients.
They're the culinary version of that red stool that jumps out, a piece of art that ties a whole room together, or the light that reflects off a glass chandelier. They are the finishing touches that create outstanding results.

Are you ready to cook up a storm at home? Let me know if you need help!

The orange door "shakes up" this interior. It's like
garlic in gazpacho! Photo: Pinterest.

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