Monday, 28 April 2014

Three stores - three best picks

Farmhouse-style clocks in fun colours at Leon's.
What to do with an hour to kill in the northwest end of town? Check out the design offer in this part of the city of course!

Target, Leon's and Canadian Tire are all at a convenient distance from each other in North Bay. Here are my three best picks from these stores. Let me know if I missed anything!

Poufs in a variety of graphic patterns at Target.
Great for casual summer living.

Target has a very attractive blue and golden theme going
in the store... this gilded lamp base that
very easily transforms into....

...this preppy lamp.

One of many accent tables from Target,
all below $100. Oops, I guess that was best
pick # 5 from Target.

Cute armchair from Leon's. It could work equally well
in a "shabby chic" as a more traditional space.
Funky dresser from Leon's.

High, cone-shaped pots look great around
the front door. From Canadian Tire.
Stream-lined, purple couch from Leon's that becomes a bed with a simple  "klik-klak".

Canadian Tire is not known for being a "design mecca"
but the store has a good selection of nice ceiling fixtures,
like this striped glass pendant, with alternating frosted and
clear glass.
We're all itching to put some flower pots outside, so who can
resist these colourful pots and petunias from Canadian Tire?

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