Friday, 28 February 2014

Why painting out wood will make you feel good

Sunroom with a painted ceiling and trim.
"You can change anything, but don't touch the wood!" Do the words sound familiar? It's interesting how some people (read: "many men") consider wood as something almost sacred, untouchable.

Sunroom before the transformation.
Whether it's a ceiling, doors, or window trim, the wood needs to stay intact, they say, anything else would be shameful.

Here's what I say: hang in there and insist!

Because, hand on your heart, how does it really feel to have a sea of dark, knotty pine hovering above your head? And floor-to-ceiling panelling greeting you like an unexplored cave when you come home? If it sends your mood right down to your toes, then it's time to take out the paint brush. Your partner will thank you afterwards, because he'll have a happier you!

Photo: Qummunicate Inc. The painted
wood panelling lets the staircase be
the shining star.  

Here's my take on wood: I love it, but I don't love when it takes over and is everywhere. Then it becomes bossy, and prevents other elements - like a nice view, an architectural detail, an impressive staircase - from shining and getting some well-deserved attention.

Here's what you should do: Start small, with one room, or one, non-committing detail in the room. Paint it out and see what you think. Once you start, it's hard to stop, believe me.

That's exactly what happened to one of my clients. At first she was reluctant. But as she saw her gloomy sunroom transform into the inviting and light-filled gathering place it was meant to be, she joined me in my pursuit to overthrow the wood empire. We're soon to start the second round of wood painting, and this time she doesn't need to be convinced.

So be brave, and see what a lighter and brighter space can do for you. Sometimes the solution really is as easy as a can of paint!

Will you try it?
Before: A wide, wooden frame around 
the windows called for attention and
stopped the eyes from taking in the 
outdoor view.
After: The white-painted trim is inconspicuous 
and lets the gorgeous view of the lake outside  
play the lead role. 

Before: Why accentuate something 
that doesn't add beauty to a space? 
The wooden slats in the ceiling and 
along all the perimeters certainly didn't.
After: So we painted them the same colour as the
ceiling and the walls, respectively, which made them
almost disappear.


  1. that's my husband. he doesn't want to paint any of the wood at home. I showed him your blog and told him we should start small. he agreed to try it in the pantry. Can't wait!

  2. What great transformations! Love showing samples like this to my family.


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