Friday, 11 October 2013

Can you afford a designer?

Designers taking in new product offerings and
meeting colleagues at the annual IDS show in
OK, let's look at this. Here's the thought process of many people: "Why hire a designer? We can do it ourselves. We've seen it on TV, it's not hard. We want our style anyways. For the money we save we can splurge on the new couch. And the kitchen backsplash."

And here's what it can sound like after the fact: "The new countertop doesn't look right." "I can't seem to go past the table without bumping into it." Or: "I loved the colour in the store, but now that the painters are done, I can't stand it!"

Hm, so much for savings...

Most designers are visual people, who can quickly "figure out" a space: what will work and what won't. But he or she will only do this successfully if they have carefully listened to you first, and understand your likes and needs.

Here's some good news if you want to give a designer a try:

To celebrate my new website, during October and November my special rate for a one-hour, on-site consultation is $25. For that price, everybody can afford a designer. Click here to book your appointment.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!

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