Saturday, 20 July 2013

Design right on Target

It's official: we can now find Nate Berkus designs in North Bay.
The word is definitely out because the shelves in Berkus'
section looked a bit scarce in places. I hope they will re-stock
Target opened its first North Bay store this week, and many curious visitors have checked it out during the last few days.

So have I. But for me, the purpose of my visit was single minded: to look for items by design celebrity Nate Berkus. I'm a big admirer of his and was anticipating the day when we could get some high-style Berkus right here in North Bay. We can now, thanks to Target, and that at accessible prices. Hooray!

While at the store, I also looked at other home décor pieces - and I was pleasantly surprised. 

Here are a few highlights:
Colourful straw bowl by Nate Berkus.
This puzzle paper weight could look interesting on your desk...

...and so could this shiny rhino!

Pillow with metal applications by Nate Berkus.

I love this graphic rug! Would look great by the front door.
Stylish straw tray by Nate Berkus.

Another graphic touch by Berkus, this time on a bath towel.
And here's a selection of other home décor pieces at the store:

Here's why I love benches: they are extremely flexible,
can be put almost anywhere; by being relatively lightweight,
they can be pulled in from, say, the hallway to provide extra
seating for large gatherings; they break up the "chair monopoly"
by offering a different kind of seating around a dining table; AND
they are a beautiful, slender piece of furniture, especially
when upholstered in a fun graphic print like this. It's a piece
that is asking you to please have some fun with it!

Why not pair the bench with this cheery side table?
This oversized, turquoise glass jar
could also be thrown into the mix...
And here's the perfect lamp shade for the
bench and the table. It has some yellow up top
and also introduces some turquoise into the space. I
would put it on a white lamp base. could these stacking chairs. Their simple lines
would "calm down" the patterns in the yellow table
and the bench. The blue colour is fun.
This is a unique table, featuring a coloured glass top and golden legs.

A graphic memo board for your office or a kid's room.

A fancy, layered mirror.

These sculptural table lamp feet are a favourite and
would work well with... 

...these stylish lamp shades. And I who complained
in a recent blog post about the lack of fun lamp shades
in our local stores!

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