Monday, 8 October 2012

Natural, seasonal decorating

Nothing beats nature when it comes to creating interesting displays. And this is the perfect time to revel in all the wonderful crops that nature has to offer. Bring them inside and make them the decorating stars of your decor. 

How to get it right? Think many! Just envision the following examples: An oversized, wooden bowl brimming with red apples. Or a shiny, silver-coloured platter filled with walnuts and acorns. And how about a year worth's supply of local garlic displayed in a rough wicker basket (or with my cooking, it'll probably turn out to be half a year's worth)? 

The beauty comes from contrasting textures, tonal varieties and the mere quantity of the item you display. It's decorating at its best: natural, seasonal and uncomplicated! Have a great Thanksgiving!

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