Monday, 23 April 2012

Choosing the right blinds

Cellular, pleated, roman, rollers... So many choices, so many decisions! Selecting the right blinds for your windows can feel overwhelming. Here are three considerations to get you started:
Vertical blinds in a contemporary space. Think about how you
want the blinds to stack; to the right, to the left, or even in the 
centre in some cases. Photo: Levolor.
1) Determine a budget for your blinds. Prices range from under $100 to around $600 per window, depending on size and materials.

2) Be clear about the purpose of the blinds. Are they primarily for privacy, for light control, or for that last decorative detail that will make your room shine? Maybe your are more concerned about reducing energy costs, or about blocking damaging UV rays from your furniture?

3) Horizontal or vertical? Consider the size and shape of the windows and the room that the blinds are going in. Horizontal blinds will visually broaden narrow windows and rooms. Vertical blinds will be a welcome break if your room already has many horizontal surfaces, such as long shelves, or if the ceiling is low.

Input from: Factory Blind Outlet in North Bay.
Vienna Sheer Horizontal Shade from Elite Window
Fashions. Consider remote control options or cordless
shades when child safety is a concern. 

A patterned roman shade looks clean and
fresh in this contemporary kitchen. Photo: 

Top down/bottom up blinds allow you 
to adjust the top independently from
the bottom, letting sunlight in while
maintaining privacy. Photo: Levolor.
Natural woven shades provide warmth in this
cottage kitchen. Photo: Levolor
Panels like these from Elite Window
Fashions are a stylish window treatment 

...they can also work as a room divider.
Photo: Levolor.


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