Sunday, 18 December 2011

Holiday knick knacks

A birds-only Christmas tree at Holiday Comforts.
Definitely unique and quite effective with its purely 
white and red colour scheme.
With one hour to kill in this final week before Christmas, I find myself in the Northgate Shopping Centre checking out last minute details and inspiration. The Mall is buzzling with people, lights and activity, exactly what one would expect for this time of the year. What I didn't expect though was to be greeted by chattering feathered friends in some of the Malls' Christmas trees. Take a look for yourself; these pieces are sure to  make your holiday home sing!

There is also a landing spot for multicoloured 
birds at Holiday Comforts, like this sparkling 
green friend

Glass objects, like these sculptural candleholders 
from Holiday Comforts, feel festive and reflect 
light around the room.

More glass, this time on glass plates. The plates'
fluted surface gives them an extra sparkle (see 
below). Added bonus: they are on sale at 

These shiny moose napkin rings are
one of my absolute favourites. So cute 
and what a great gift they make!
Accents by Design.
Imagine this bowl with bright, orange 
mandarines. Definitely festive! Holiday 
The wine will taste even better when served
from this glass decanter. Holiday Comforts.
For a rustic, genuine style, try Maxwell Pottery'
handmade pieces on your Christmas table. The 
colour is so right!
Golden apples in a wooden bowl. Deep and rich
festive tones. Accents by Design.
These white-and-red porcelain balls will give the 
Christmas tree a beautifully simple and old-fashioned 
look. Holiday Comforts. If you prefer more colour,
you might want to go with these mini balls from 
Accents by Design (below).

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