Friday, 16 September 2011

Custom furniture is the cat's meow

Sometimes the stores just don't have what we're looking for. It can be that last piece that is missing from an otherwise perfect furniture set. Or a unique bookshelf that you’ve only seen in a foreign magazine. In those situations, custom is the way to go, and Beagle House Woodwork is one company to turn to. This downtown North Bay business takes pride in making built-ins and solid wood furniture intended to be handed down from one generation to the next. Their customer's specific needs and tastes are reflected in the design, colour, finish and hardware of the pieces Beagle House creates. 

And don't forget to bring a dog treat as you go with your request. Custom furniture may be the cat's meow, but at this woodworking operation it's the two beagles Soleau and Zoro that will welcome you at the door. 
The customer of this piece wanted a 
bookshelf carousel but could not 
find one in Canada.

This 42"-square pine table was treated
to special walnut stain and four coats 
of varnish. The table is paired with four 

Streamlined modular bookcase.

Practical storage for your CDs.

Children's table set in solid wood, the perfect 
setting for a lively pretend tea party!

Stylish bench and chair for your outdoor deck.

Beagle House also make cabinets, islands and
other pieces for your kitchen. And a practical
jardiniere to show off your plants!


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  1. Contemporary Radiator Cabinets
    Kid's desk set in wooden, the perfect
    setting for a energetic say tea party!


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