Saturday, 27 August 2011

Online inspiration for your projects

    To travel can also be a big source of 
    inspiration. I always bring my camera 
    wherever I go. Often I don't have to 
    travel far. This gallery of art tiles, for 
    example, is from a store in Huntsville. 
    It reminds me that there is strength 
    in numbers and that you can mix motifs 
    pretty liberally as long as there is one or 
    two unifying features; in this case the size 
    and shape of the tiles.
Don't fret about summer soon being over. Start planning some fun interior design projects for your home instead! These sites will help you turn your interior dreams into a reality:
Houzz features over 150,000 inspiring photos of environments created by design professionals. Search by category and start putting together your own ideabooks. 
Pinterest is a virtual pinboard that lets you save decorating ideas, recipies and beautiful things that you find on the web. It’s also helpful if you’re planning a major event which you want input from friends and family on.
Evernote allows you to save pages and images from internet, your own photos and written notes. You can add tags to easily identify trends within your choices.
Mydeco has a free 3D design software program, and tools to help you create moodboards, bookmark images from the web and decorate a photo.

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